Security Guard Services for Newbies

Security guards are a vital part of any organization’s security. They are the first line of defense against crime, and they also help to protect people, property and assets.

A security guard is a person that is employed to guard your property or assets. These can include your home, office or business premises, and in some cases possessions such as jewelry or art pieces. Security guards also patrol their designated area for suspicious activities which may be deemed as crimes such as vandalism, trespassing, theft etc.

They usually work shifts in order to cover all areas in a particular time frame and usually work in collaboration with other security personnel such as police officers and dog handlers. Security guards usually wear attire that is easily recognizable by law enforcement agencies when they need assistance with an incident on their premises

Different Types of Security Guards and Their Responsibilities

In the ‘old days’ of policing, there were no security guards. In fact, if a person was caught committing a crime, they could be jailed for up to a year by the local constable.

Security guards are responsible for protecting property and people from potential dangers. They have to follow some guidelines that have been put in place for them by their employer or supervisor.

Security guards can work at any business that needs protection from thieves and robbers. They may also work in hospitals where they protect patients and staff from violence on the premises, or at airports where they make sure passengers are safe from terrorist attacks.

In some countries, security guards are referred to as ‘bouncers’ because of their responsibility of keeping people out of an establishment who do not have permission

Choosing A Security Guard Company Might Be Right For You!

A security guard can help you protect your business without having to invest in expensive video surveillance equipment. They are the perfect solution for businesses that need protection after hours, or for those that are just looking to prevent vandalism.

Here are some useful things to look for when considering a security contractor.

  • A security guard company needs to be reliable in order for them to provide good service.
  • They need to be able to provide affordable security guards for any business, no matter the size.
  • They need to be available when you need them.
  • They must have a track record of providing excellent customer service.

Security Guard Costs

What’s The Cost of an Average Security Officer?

The price for an average security officer varies depending on the company and location. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report in 2017 which states that the median annual salary for a security guard is $32,410.

This is one of the few professions where you can start at minimum wage and make as much as $50,000 or more depending on how much experience you have or what type of security guard position you want to work in.

What are the Qualifications to Be A Security Guard?

The security guard is an officer of the law who oversees the safety of private property, public buildings, and other sites. Security guards are responsible for controlling access to these facilities.

There are three qualifications that are necessary to become a security guard:

Security guards have a job that is difficult but rewarding. The qualifications are important because they are what make up the background check, which is necessary to prove that the person has the ability to do the job. These qualifications are an educational degree, good communication skills, and physical requirements.

Companies that often hire security guards

Security guards are often hired by large companies to protect their property and provide a safe work environment. Their main duty is to keep watch for anything that may be a threat. Large security firms are continuously looking for guards to hire, especially those with past military backgrounds that have experience with firearms.

Security guards are in demand in many different industries. Companies in the retail industry hire security guards for added protection from shoplifting. Security guards can also be found at companies with sensitive materials, such as banks and office buildings, to ensure safety of employees and materials.